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Boro Park Leaders Silent As Residents Protest COVID-19 Restrictions


By Zainab Iqbal, Keira Wingate


Amber Adler, who’s running for City Council District 48 to replace Deutsch, to tell us how she felt about the Boro Park protests. She said, “Real leadership isn’t about making noise, it’s about producing measurable results. The needs of New Yorkers are time-sensitive. We should be unifying our voices in harmony in order to end the restriction by zip code model and demand the implementation of proactive data sets. This is why I have called for data tracking of Prevention Measures to be added to the NYS DOH ‘COVID-19 Report Card.’ Adding data related to prevention methods such as types of PPE required by students, teachers, and essential school staff, product usage, and brand information is an equitable approach.”

Read the entire article here.

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